Online Texas Hold Em Poker: Having the Right Poker Mindset

There are times when you are playing Texas Hold’em, either online or in a live game, when you experience bad beats. No one likes getting sucked out when you have a 4: 1 advantage, but it is part of the game. My book (The No. B.S. Guide To Winning Online No Limit Texas Holdem) addresses in depth How to deal with bad beats and how to have a healthy “mindset” poker. I believe this is an important game for many players, especially online ones, are pretty lacking. You have to find a way to deal with good bad behavior that keeps you in a position to continue making good decisions and playing your best poker. If you do not, you will never become great at Texas Hold em.

For example, I had a tough weekend. It seemed like I had a big hand, I came up against pocket Aces. Not once, I tried crack anyone’s Aces. If it wasn’t bad enough, I was always sucked out on when I was a huge favorite to win the hand M카지노.

I lost a hand in the Full Tilt Daily Double tournament when I called all-in with K-Q with a Q on the board. My opponent has Q-8. Sure enough, 8 on the River busted me out instead of doubling up.

Sit n Go when I lost almost on the bubble of a Full Tilt 90 player, I turned all-in with A-K, and sure enough, a Q came on the Flop.

I lost 2 hands where I was made by higher sets, and of course, I lost twice with pocket access when they were cracked by 6’s and a player playing T-2 suited made his flush draw.

I could go on, but what would be the point? All the above hands illustrate the fact that sometimes luck just does not go your way. In fact, it all goes against you. Things have to be a pretty bad one to lose hands like the above confrontations, let alone all on the same day. However, you cannot alter the way you play the game. Even if you don’t go on tilt, sometimes all these bad beats can affect your thinking. Pretty soon you are playing poker and you will never get anywhere like that. The right play is the right play, or not.

If you are a 3: 1 or 4: 1 favorite, you have your money at the right time, just let the cards fall where they may. The worst thing you can do is get it in your head. Take a break, take a walk, drink a beer, whatever it takes, but do not let it make you angry. For me, in this case, after these beats, I just shut it down for the day. I have a bad temper as anybody, and before my laptop went out into the drive, I just turned it off for the night.

Sometimes all you can do is just realize that it is not your day and try again another time. It may not be any fun, and it sure makes you mad, but just don’t allow it to change the way you play poker. Realizing this will, in the long run, make you much better player.

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